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SisterTalk Hartford

SisterTalk Hartford is an evidence- and faith-based weight loss and weight control program designed by and for African-American and Black women in Connecticut. Our program is an effective, affordable, and medically-sound film-plus-support-group program that uses faith, community and sisterhood to establish positive eating habits and lifestyle changes. It has been developed and tested within the church community, and is deliverable by churches for the benefit of their congregations and communities. SisterTalk Hartford activates and motivates participants to be knowledgeable and confident as they work together to change behavior and problem-solve for weight loss and long-term weight control.

"SisterTalk Hartford is the catalyst for an unprecedented partnership between our church communities and local health care providers creating a spirit of trust and encouragement coupled with the religious foundation our congregations needed to make positive changes in all aspects of their lives."

- Pastor Kenric Prescott, Union Baptist Church, Hartford

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